Friday, April 4, 2014

Channeling my inner Ginny...

You know a movie is good when you get reminded of scenes from it when you face some types of situations in life. In my case, I recently faced several circumstances over the past few weeks that made me relate to Ginny, the character Toni Gonzaga played in Starting Over Again

Let's put it this way: I received some news that almost put me to tears. I just had to keep my emotions in check, at least until the weekends, because I was neck-deep in my Monday-to-Friday to-do lists. Because I couldn't process the news on the spot, I'd initially reacted each time with wait, am I Ginny? Did I lose out because I don't look like Mama Mary?!? 

The only difference was that Ginny, in the movie, had Marco waiting for her in the car to show his support when she broke down. I do have a means of transportation but there's no Marco yet waiting out there for me. One day, sure; but not during those bummer days.

Yang hope na yan, lason yan... Try mo kaya lumaklak ng realidad?