Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Celebrating a milestone with friends

My post-doctoral fellowship ended on May 16th. Instead of closing it with a quiet evening, I decided that I wanted to celebrate it since I treat it as a milestone. It's nice too that my fellow kaladkarin friends were planning on a night out in Makati anyway so we just had to arrange the timing. :)

First stop: Bonifacio High Street
Who can resist window shopping on a Friday evening, right? Especially with store displays seemingly luring people in as they walked along High Street like the mannequins in Confessions of a Shopaholic. But a store did manage to entice us from the bee line to dinner: a sports shop! Man was looking for motivation to go running again (aka toys for the running Man) and Matty was looking for dive shoes. I browsed the rash guard collection but I wasn't in the mood (or in the right attire) to try one. Sara and Hedia checked out the selection of bicycles currently on display. 

Second stop: Geisha 
I absolutely love Japanese food. I'm not the type who knows the difference between modern and traditional Japanese cuisine though. Hence, I've always wondered what 'modern Japanese cuisine' means. Whatever, the salmon rolls at Geisha were delicious! I just had to stay clear of all the other stuff I'm allergic to.

Third stop: 71 Gramercy
Yes, the group was back! The view from the top was as beautiful as ever. Again, I didn't take a photo from up there because I was afraid that my mobile phone might slip off and fall (trust the clumsy girl with the gadgetry, right?). I don't know if I'll ever tire of seeing the lights dotting the coast of Manila Bay from that vantage point.

Thanks Sara, Hedia, Man, and Matty for that awesome evening! That's what I call ending my post-doctoral fellowship on a high (as in 71-floors high) note!