Thursday, September 4, 2014

Happy birthday, Mommy!

If Daddy and I were born on the same month, September is the month shared by Anna and Mommy.

I have been tagging old digital photos and I bumped into this one of me still adjusting to the cold temperatures of Nevada and of Arizona while my folks were just in normal attire (in late summer 2012, I think). I couldn't take my bonnet off because it was just too cold! I even had gloves with me in my pack during the trip in case the temperatures took a sudden deep dive. A year later, I realized that it wasn't that cold when I visited them over my Christmas break.

We're in one of Vegas' famous lobbies in this picture, right after the family's biggest adventure to date (sans Anna): a road trip to the Grand Canyon West. My mom had no choice but to conquer her fear of heights as Biboy and I enjoyed strolling on the glass floor overlooking the Colorado River.  

Happy birthday, Mommy!! I won't be with you on your summer getaway but I am looking forward to hear stories about this next big adventure. :)