Thursday, October 30, 2014

#IRC2014: I know those people in the telly!

Late at night, after the opening ceremony, I started flipping channels back in my room. I settled on a local channel because there were no English channels. So with the ambient noise in check, I started reviewing Twitter posts about the event and catching up on unread messages.

Hang on... was that Dr Matthew Morell's face? And then there's Dr Bruce Tolentino! And the other faces... those were sitting in the front row of BITEC's grand hall earlier that day. The local late-night news covered the opening ceremony! (In Thai, of course, so I didn't understand anything.)

Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough... I was watching the telly but I forgot to take a picture of the screen. 

A few days later, I was back watching a local telenovela, albeit not understanding a word of what the actors were saying, followed by a news clip (I think). 

I know those people, AGAIN!!! 

The clips were taken at the IRRI exhibit. Wow! The International Rice Congress really was getting some media coverage! :) And that's an example of how important rice is to the Thai people: An event, in which scientists from all over the world discuss rice, makes it to the news.