Tuesday, October 28, 2014

#IRC2014: I'm part of the press!

Sixteen years ago, I was the Science section editor of The Ruralite, the school organ of UP Rural High School. That was the year I last wore a press badge... Until I was given one on Monday, October 27, 2014. I was attending the International Rice Congress as a member of the press!!

The experience, I was sure, would be a unique one. I wasn't going to the conference as a delegate. I didn't have a talk or a poster. My main assignment as a member of the press, this time around, was to post tweets on my personal Twitter account. That was easy enough, I thought, since I've been doing this since the Global Rice Science Partnership took off a few years ago. 

A member of the press. For one week only. Ooooh! This brought back good old memories of running around looking topics to feature, people to interview, and articles to write, in high school!

Thank you, Tony and Nese, for sending me over to the IRC!