Saturday, February 28, 2015

Swapped the snowboard for my camera.

Since I couldn't do any more snowboarding for the rest of this trip, thanks to my injured wrist, I just had to do something else. I couldn't be sulky or be a pain; otherwise, I'd ruin both our moods. So, time for my Plan B: photo walk! To think I even considered leaving my camera behind! Shocking, right? Thank goodness I opted to lug my gear with me despite my carry-on's weight breaching the upper limit. 

Anyway, while Matty enjoyed skiing on the slopes, I enjoyed the photo walk day! It's more landscape photography, more than anything else; but I was also able to chase after birds and to do a bit of hiking... none of close-up snowboarding or skiing action shots though because I didn't want to hang around the piste. 

Yongpyong Ski Resort is just one beautiful place to explore on foot (and technically, by air, too)! 

So, without further ado, here are some photos I took that day. Yes, my injured left wrist was not an excuse to avoid having fun with the lens that day. The prescribed pills helped me a lot in managing the pain too; could've explained why I was in a good mood despite the injured hand.

My trusty SLR has been with me in all of my travels, except one, since I've gotten it.

 Sunny day at Yongpyong Ski Resort on the day I went on a photo walk. 

Birds returning to their roost as the sun started to set at Dragon Peak.

The gondola ride gave sightseers a great view of the landscape.

Skis at Dragon Plaza.

Snowboarder leaning toe-side.

Net fence along the walkway.

Frozen river in Yongpyong.

Water was still flowing in some parts of the river in Yongpyong.

Yongpyong is famous for principal photography for Korean telenovela "Winter Sonata". It's a good location, indeed. 

While I swapped my snowboard for my camera, Matty swapped his board for skis.

Matty befriended another advanced snowboarder, Gino, at the Rainbow slopes. Here, Gino was preparing to record Matty's next run.

Matty and Gino's photo just before their warm up run. While they were skiing and snowboarding, I was hiking on Dragon Peak.

Dragon Peak's snack bar conveyed a warm and cozy feel despite the cold.

Tourists take a moment to take photos at this view deck. The snowy Taebaek Mountains are truly picturesque.