Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Vask's tapas tasting menu

It has got to be one of my two favourite restaurants in the metro these days. It's one of those establishments I am willing to drive two hours north to just for the food. That's Gallery Vask. It's been named 39th best restaurant in Asia and on Monday evening, I introduced Ate Lucy and Man to the delicious food there. 

However, before I brought my friends along, I wanted Annapet to try it too. So one Sunday evening a few weeks back, after French class, I drove to the Bonifacio Global City and vetoed her choice of restaurant... because Anna wanted to eat at a place she saw in a top 10 list and she couldn't even remember its name! Since it's my sister with me, I pulled some of the stops: I opted to let her try the tapas tasting menu. After all, it featured some of my favourite items on the Vask menu: foie gras mousse on mango, Wagyu beef carpaccio, and mussels

I wanted her to try it out because we're going to bring the parents, the brother, and the sister-in-law to Vask when they're in the Philippines on vacation. Just like what I did when we went to the Black Pig, the other in my top two restos in the metro, last year. Anyway, it looked like Anna enjoyed her tasting menu immensely. I am willing to bet that this is her first degustation dinner ever... but I may be wrong. 

One thing I liked most about Vask's tasting menu is that it is so flexible for people with dietary restrictions. I, for one, am highly allergic to crustaceans and squid. I couldn't, therefore, partake of the scallops (because of the squid ink) and the risotto (because of the shrimp). The chef (not Chef Chele, who was cooking in an event that night) kindly substituted these two dishes with something else for me: I ended up with porcini mushroom risotto and something else in lieu of the scallops dish (I can't remember what it's called). 

I can't wait to have my parent try out Vask when they arrive!!