Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Black Pig

Since my mom and my dad visit me and my sister every other year, we siblings have a year to try out different restaurant where we could bring them when they're in town. One of my most recent finds (thank you, email thread!) is The Black Pig Charcuterie, Bar, and Restaurant. It's in Alabang, close to home, for a change!

I was alone for dinner at The Black Pig, one Saturday evening, so I ended up at the bar, people-watching while waiting for my food. The (first and) last time I had eaten on the bar was when Marion and Patrice brought me to a tapas bar in Sydney about nine years ago. Anyway, at The Black Pig, the advantage of my perch was that I could talk with the person behind the bar... And he turned out to be Anton Garriz, one of the owners! I also got to chat with Steve MacDonald, also one of the owners, about the restaurant soon after. Funny that I've gotten the nerve to introduce myself to these business people ever since I finished culinary school. Before, I'd just sit down at a corner and eat.

Speaking of which, the food...

My curiosity was piqued by the heirloom tomato salad that the restaurant was serving that night. Thanks to the likes of Daisy Tam, Ige Ramos, and Amy Besa, I am now keen to learn about the food I order: the story behind it and it's cultural connection. That is why the world 'heirloom' triggered me to ask. After listening to what the waiters and the owners shared, I gleaned that heirloom tomatoes were delicious, so I ordered it. What came out was one of the artfully prepared salads I've ever eaten!

Since this was my first visit to The Black Pig, I wanted to veer away from my favorite risotto and venture towards the house nonseafood specialty: the pig. So I ordered the oven-baked local pork belly and bone marrow. I am not really a big pork eater (yes, even the lechon Cebu and the Kalua pig failed to make me a fan) but the pork belly (together with the veggies and the sauces) was so soft and juicy that it just might... it wasn't even salty!

Aside from the salad and the entree, I also had a chance to try out the breads (reminded me of Aubergine), the pate choix, and the butterscotch pieces that were being distributed to the diners. All yummy!

That was one interesting dinner! I want to go back again!!!