Friday, September 9, 2016

Apple's product launch, September 2016

I have always been very excited to watch an Apple product launch because it's always a master class in public speaking and in the art of creating the slide deck for one's presentation. Back when Steve Jobs was still at the helm, he was able to capture the audience in a "reality distortion field" because he was such a charismatic storyteller. Since Tim Cook stepped in to fill the Jobs shoes, I've been waiting for him to come to his own. So far, however, he's trying to do a Steve Jobs but he something's missing from his presentation style: I don't get hooked to the story. In fact, I fell asleep during the live broadcast and again when I watched it a second time! 

Then again, I might not be in the market for new tech gadgets so the topic itself wasn't exciting for me. I'll just wait for the iOS update. However, I'm expecting that not a few people are interested in the gadgets because some of the earlier models are being made obsolete this year (because the operating system updates no longer support the older models). 

iOS 10 was introduced. Then the Apple Watch 2. And then the iPhone 7. The iOS 10, it seems to me, is supposed to make a few features of the phone more accessible even if the screen is still locked. That's nice. But the iMessage enhancements make it appear to lean towards the styles of the other social media messaging apps (with more emojis, stickers, etc). Sounds cool but not essential. Of course, that may change once I actually use iOS 10. The Apple Watch 2, on the other hand, is now swim-proof, making it potentially more attractive to athletes. In my case, however, I find the watch too app-focused. I need a watch that primarily tells time... like a regular watch. All the other features just give the watch bonus points. The iPhone 7 is also guaranteed water-proof. The presentation focused on hardware changes and on the different colours but the unit looks like the previous release.

So, I'm looking forward to iOS 10. The two other products, not so much yet. 

And there's one more thing...

The presentation did not have "one more thing" at the end.