Wednesday, March 6, 2013

another attempt at shooting the moon

Whenever I have my camera with me, I always try to take a photo of the Moon. Several times, with a hand-held camera, I didn't like the photos I got. I even blogged about my last failed attempt. I concluded that to have a clear shot of the Moon with my camera, I need to get it stabilized on a tripod.

While at the 18th Philippine International Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta, I noticed the waxing gibbous Moon and thought that the conditions were right to have another try at taking its photo. After all, I hadn't tried Julian Cribb's advice yet.

Lo and behold, Mr Cribb was right! I was able to take a decent photo of the Moon at last!
Look, Ma, no tripod!!

The Moon wasn't exactly low in the sky when I got this image; it was hovering over Mt Arayat when I noticed it. But it wasn't too bright yet, so I was able to capture the dark spots on the Moon's surface.