Friday, May 16, 2014

Dinner at Isdaan

I ended up eating with Val, Flaminia, Mai, and Sonya one night at Isdaan, one of the restos in Bay, Laguna. The restaurant resembles a theme park almost... It reminds me of Disneyland's Adventureland because of the tribal theme welcoming us at the entrance and the presence of statues that appear to be adopted from various tourist spots in Asia.

We toured the place first before finding a spot to have dinner, which was unfortunate. Most of the tables that Val pointed as having great views of the restaurant were closed off to diners due to the late hour. Also, the servers' energies were all flagging. They made several mistakes during the dinner service and looked like they didn't want to do anything but to rest or go home. 

Sonya and Flaminia had a tough time with the food because the vegetables served were not up to their standards: adobong kangkong had pork in it, 'vegetarian' dishes had fish paste mixed with them and there's no on-the-side option (according to the fatigued server), and many of the food we ordered were no longer available. The one vegetable dish that we were able to order didn't look appetizing at all. Tsk.
Despite the bad service, we had a relatively good time. We ended up laughing at the dinner bloopers. If dinner was any worse, I'm sure one of us would've thrown a plate onto the wall to vent pent-up anger.