Thursday, May 8, 2014


Mai invited me to join the weekday Zumba classes she attends. Intrigued at what Zumba really is like, I took the plunge on Monday despite the sore muscles I had gained during my attempts at wakeboarding. 

Mai was right, Zumba classes are 60-minute loads of fun! I felt like I was back to street jazz classes because some of the steps were similar. My first class reminded me of cheerdance rehearsals I had participated in many years ago. And there were elements of ballroom dancing that brought back memories of high school PE.

Before I get so excited with this new fitness regimen, I have to remember to take care of my injured knee and foot. I wouldn't want to land back in hospital because of my attempt to stay fit and healthy. That would be ironic multiplied by three. Therefore, I should remember to do this high-impact exercise in moderation... if I'll remember at all.