Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Happy birthday, Val! :)

When is the best time to get someone to try something new? For some reason, the answer was during the guy's birthday. Perfect way to celebrate an important milestone, yes?

In Val's case, we ended up at the Republ1k Wake Park in Nuvali for some midweek dose of wakeboarding, read: we wanted to become confident with the wakeboard with the bindings, not the beginners' ones, in the water... albeit the use of overhead cables. Val, on the other hand, wanted to try this sport out.

It was a fun night, with Zia being the most adventurous of the lot. We were able to get some practice time in what I tagged as the children's pool. This, of course, was in preparation for the open seas, wakeboarding behind a boat.

After wakeboarding in Nuvali

After wakeboarding, we were all famished. So off we went for carbo-loading, as Kor put it, at Starbucks. Since our group came in four cars (Val came later and Zia came from Manila; Matty and I drove our cars to Nuvali), I felt like I was in The Italian Job. But since I was the lead car driver in a four-car convoy going to Starbucks, I couldn't say I was driving the Charlize Theron car. *sigh*

This is one of things I'd miss as I move on... I'm sure. I'm so glad I was still able to join them. Oddly enough, this night-out never felt like good-bye even though I might not be with them anymore any day soon. Maybe it's true: there's no such thing as good-bye among friends.

Happy birthday, Val!