Sunday, June 29, 2014

My birthday wish/shopping list for 2013 revisited

I am going through my blog posts and thought that it would be nice to review what I actually crossed off my 2013 list. I'm amazed that I have realized quite a few items before my next birthday. Seven out of ten... not bad at all!!

Noise-reducing earphones.
Courtesy of my brother. What a very nifty gadget!

Pretty flatware (spoons/forks).
I got these on sale at the Rustan's outlet store. They're quite simply designed, but still pretty enough for daily use.

Yes, I've been able to get one at the end of 2013, finally. I visited my brother, parents, and future sister-in-law while I was on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. And I watched all the tv series on Netflix as much as I could... oh, and I also saw The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug too. Poor Daddy was lost at why the dragon was talking. :)

A good chef's knife.
I bought this also at the Rustan's outlet store. I even got the steel for free too!

Wakeboarding at Nuvali.
Yeah, well... I went there after my first failed attempt at Caliraya. And it was in Nuvali where I stood up on the board first. What a confidence booster! And now, I could actually say that I can wakeboard while being pulled by a boat. Lots to be improved still though. All these have been possible because I found friends who are also into the sport. :) Thank you Matty, Maricor, Joann, Mai, and Maya!!

Chocolate mousse birthday cake
My absolute favorite cake... I had some of these when I celebrated my birthday with Cindy and Tita Ruby at Faustina's. The best part of having them with me on my special day was that I didn't celebrate it and eat dinner alone. :)

Visiting the masterpieces at the National Museum
Wow! What can I say? The paintings and other artworks at the National Museum are truly priceless. I don't like some pieces while my jaw dropped at seeing two pieces: Manansala's "Bayanihan" and Luna's "Spolarium". Wow!