Friday, February 28, 2014

Welcome to the family!

I met the two newest members of the Cuevas family early in 2014. :) 

Biboy married Barbara in January. I didn't attend their wedding because the date was smack between the day I arrived from Hong Kong and the day I was flying to Singapore. One of the reasons I visited over Christmas and New Year was to meet her... Before then, I hadn't talked with her yet so that was a good opportunity to get to know my brand new sister.

Biboy and Barbara at the beach while the rest of us were in Bataan.

Elise is Ate Grace and Kuya Nat's daughter... and the clan's new baby. :) Their family is based in Canada so this is also the first time that many of my US-based relatives were meeting Elise. She is Tita Ising's and Tito Sibing's first granddaughter... I could just imagine how thrilled they were to meet her at the airport!

Three generations: Lola Bats, Ate Grace, and Elise