Tuesday, November 18, 2014

No running in November...

My right foot got injured exactly a month before my only road race of 2014. Being the stubborn girl that I am, and despite my friends saying that I'm not supposed to run yet, I still hoped I'd be ready and healed by November 16th. Race Day. Maybe, they just didn't understand that I needed the motivation to get my foot ready or something. In any case, I knew that if my foot wasn't ready, I wouldn't do it. Healing takes time; it's not something that responds to a deadline set without considering health factors...

So, instead of lugging a heavy heart, I heaved a sigh of relief when the organizers of the road race announced, via email, that the race has been moved to March 2015. That was one race I would have surely passed on if it pushed through. And now, there's a possibility that I can run in it! 

Before I got injured, most of my November weekends were filled with sports activities: wakeboarding on the first weekend; running on the second weekend; surfing on the last weekend. But somehow, they're all turning into duds: bad wind conditions in Anilao for wakeboard weekend; scratched-off running event and a cold for the second weekend; postponed surfing weekend. 

God's obviously giving signals and I think it is this: 

You better listen, kid. You've been benched for high-impact sports for the meantime. Go have fun doing something else. Bawal ang makulit.

Ok, I hear You. Loud and clear.