Thursday, July 8, 2010

Junk food off-limits

There's a canister of Pringles, unopened, on the dinner table!!

Excited, I walked over to see the other goodies my sister had left on the table. After seeing that the other items were all "healthy food"(she's cutting down her sugar intake), I decided to eat ice cream (which came free with the Whopper Jr. Meal at Burger King) before munching on the Pringles. The combination is not half bad, I thought. It is just like what I lived on for three years of graduate school (and predictably made me sick in 2007). 

However, just as I was about to open the canister, the flavour became revealed: soft-shell crab. I'm highly allergic to seafood (except molluscs––oysters, mussels), unfortunately. With a sigh, I put the canister back down and rummaged through the freezer again for another cup of ice cream. 

Today is not my day. Til next time, Mr. Pringles. We shall meet again.