Friday, July 16, 2010

My 29th birthday dinner

July 3, 2010 fell on a Saturday. Despite being a weekend, my sister was away because of the Nursing Board Exam. I was home alone, without a birthday party plan. Just so I could say that I did celebrate my birthday, albeit by my lonesome, I went over to Red Ribbon at Waltermart Calamba for dinner.

The staff at Red Ribbon preferred not to serve cooked food anymore because they were about to close for the night. 

I had to convince them to serve the last available helping of spaghetti, telling them that my birthday celebration won't be complete without pasta. 

With the pasta came the chocolate cake, which was what I really came for. 

To top off my birthday dinner, I got myself a milkshake that looked a lot like chocolate mousse. 

Yummy! Happy birthday to me!!