Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rochie in the city: Artichoke

October 2005.
Somewhere in California. 
My going-back-to-the-Philippines family dinner.

Inside a restaurant, I was given a helping of artichokes and I didn't know how to eat it!! I've seen the plant on the telly, so I thought I could handle it in person (without instructions). The artichoke looked like a regular vegetable, so I ripped a leaf off and started munching on it. Just as I was feeling that I must have done something wrong, my cousins Joycelynn and Donnell started the lecture.

Ate, this is how to eat an artichoke...

The demonstration came a tad too late. I was still munching on the fibrous bits of the leaf when they showed me that I was supposed to eat only the tender parts of the artichoke. 

Welcome to the city, Rochie!